46 Week Limited Membership Half Share

In the past, The Little Muddy Farm has worked with local family farms to bring freshly harvested healthy natural produce to your table. See our list of growers. We accept memberships for our CCSA shares as they become available. To qualify for your place, you must first have completed a 24 week share pledge. This assures us that you are aware of the commitment that you are entering into. You are entering into an agreement of individuals who pledge support to our farming operation where the growers andshareholders share the risks and benefits of local food production. Your share consists of a weekly delivery or pickup of vegetables and fruit. Individuals, families, & or groups do not pay directly for "X" pounds or kilograms of produce weekly, but rather support the budget of the whole farming operation and receive weekly, what is seasonally available. Thank you for prepaying for our upcoming season. Once paypal notifies me by e-mail, I will contact you and e-mail you about your eating habits and what you would like for us to grow for you in 2015.

46 Week Limited Membership Half Share
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  • Item #: 2015 Annual Half Share
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